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Prenatal Care Techniques from Our Altamonte Springs Chiropractor

Pregnant female waiting to see chiropractic care in Altamonte Springs

Pregnancy is an exciting time for you and your growing family, but the physical discomforts that accompany this nine-month period can give you less to cheer about. As your body changes to prepare for the baby's birth, you may experience a variety of aches, pains and other problems that interfere with normal functioning or even (in some cases) a normal delivery. That is why each chiropractor on Beyond Chiropractic Team, Dr. Roy Clarke and Dr. Danielle Clarke, recommend prenatal adjustments and other safe, natural techniques to help both you and your baby thrive.

Anyone who has seen a pregnant woman in her third trimester recognizes the significant alterations that occur in the body. As the body gains weight and the womb enlarges to accommodate fetal growth, the center of gravity shifts, forcing the spine into a swayback posture. This posture can put a serious strain on the muscle groups that support your spinal column, creating lower lumbar pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. To make matters worse, the nerve roots that extend from between vertebrae may be pinched by herniated or bulging discs. The resulting nerve dysfunction may cause pain, tingling, loss of sensation or loss of motor function in various parts of the body; it can also impair your already-unstable hormonal balance, promoting edema (swelling), headaches, mood swings and other ailments.

One change that occurs in the body is especially important, and that is the shift in the fetus's position to allow for a normal, head-downward delivery. If a misalignment in the sacral region of the spine inhibits this shift, you may experience a breech or transverse birth, requiring you to receive a C-section.

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Arranging for prenatal chiropractic care from either chiropractor at Beyond Chiropractic is one of the smartest things you can do to ensure greater comfort and safety during your pregnancy. Our gentle spinal adjustments and other natural techniques can address alignment problems and nerve dysfunction, helping you to enjoy fewer aches and pains, less swelling and a higher level of overall physical function. After all, a healthy baby starts with a healthy mother!

We also offer a chiropractic techniques specially designed to facilitate normal childbirth. The Webster technique focuses on correcting sacral and pelvic misalignment to give the baby plenty of room to run around inside the womb. This gentle technique can make all the difference between an uncomplicated delivery and the need for major surgery.

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Our dedication to your healthy pregnancy doesn't end with chiropractic adjustment. We can also recommend gentle stretching exercises to help you maintain optimal strength and flexibility during this time. You may also benefit from massage therapy to relieve tired muscles and control edema, or from nutritional counseling to help you give your body the extra nourishment it needs. Call 407-261-1001 today to schedule prenatal chiropractic care at Beyond Chiropractic. We want only the best for you and your baby!

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Doctors are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They take time to listen and their office is SUPER kid friendly. Doctor Roy was very gentle while treating my 3 year old son and I will be quite comfortable to take my whole family there.

Miriam Lorenzi
Altamonte Springs, FL

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